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739 Middle Country Rd, St James, NY 11780, USA

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739 Middle Country Rd, St James, NY 11780, USA

May 01, 2021

The owner Julio and his daughter Laura are the sweetest people! I brought 12 people in after going to the nearby escape room. It was my son's 21st birthday. 8 young adults( all special needs) 4 adults. I brought a carvel cake ahead of time and they put in the freezer. The pizza was fantastic!! They gave the best service and really went out of their way to make it all special. I will definitely be going back there!

Greg S
February 14, 2021

Decided to try this pizzeria based on all the positive reviews - boy did Google let me down. Upon arriving, there is a sign in the back entrance stating that everyone must wear a mask. Apparently this only applies to customers and not the guy working the register (the owner?). The cook in the back had a mask on, but the register guy didn't even have it hanging below his chin so that he could pretend like he was wearing one. He had no mask and couldn't have cared less. I looked at him and I should have just walked out. My mistake. Begrudgingly, I brought home a sicilian pie; it's both mine and my wife's favorite, and what we use to rate new pizzerias. While the pie looked quite appetizing, the taste was anything but. There was something a little too tangy in the pizza - almost as if one of the ingredients was past date and had gone sour. Both my wife and daughter wouldn't even finish a single slice. I ate one. It's been a few days and none of us got sick, so I assume that extra flavor was either intentional or we all just have really strong stomachs. So, Google Reviews, you've brought me to some great places in the past, but this wasn't one of them.

Bryan Finlayson
February 28, 2021

Very good pizza! Good balance of crust, sauce, cheese and toppings and not too salty. Owner and staff were nice and service was fast.

Mark Gaeta
March 21, 2021

Pizza was ok not much flavor . I thought with a name like crust that the crust would be great. Not the case here.

Luis A
March 16, 2021

I decided to try out this place because it had great reviews but I don't think these ratings accurately represent this spot. The pizza I ordered was completely burnt on the outside but somehow still undercooked on the inside. I also ordered some garlic knots which turned out to be nothing but uncooked dough drenched in olive oil. The only redeeming item from my order was the tirmasu, it was really good but definitely overpriced for the portion you get. The food was pretty bad but what made my visit even worse was that while the employees in the kitchen had face coverings, the owner (working the register) did not wear a mask himself nor did he enforce it on the customers walking in. It's crazy how we're a year into this pandemic and people still aren't taking it seriously enough, especially in a restaurant of all places. Edit: I had originally given this place a 2 star review, but after the owner's response, I'm dropping it to 1 star. To the owner, I would not consider returning to your restaurant after receiving terrible food because I would just be putting myself more at risk of contracting the virus since you refuse to wear a mask. Secondly, based on your response, I wouldn't put it past you to do something to my food if I went to complain about it in person and ask for a replacement. You should take these reviews less personal and instead address the concerns being pointed out.

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