Giovanni’s Pizza & Pasta

149 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Commack, NY 11725, USA

About Giovanni’s Pizza & Pasta

4.8 / 5 from reviews

Giovanni's Pizza & Pasta is currently located at 149 Veterans Memorial Hwy. Order your favorite pizza, pasta, salad, and more, all with the click of a button.

Our Address
149 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Commack, NY 11725, USA

Dave Coleman
January 16, 2021

This pizza was absolutely delicious. The garlic nuts were superb. Service was impeccable. I ordered the pie and they told me 15 minutes and it was ready the second I walked in. Excellent customer service and wonderful food make this one of the better pizzerias in the neighborhood. Definitely want to go back and try the regular pie.

Joe O'Hara
February 10, 2021

We ordered the BBQ Chicken pie and a normal cheese pie; the cheese pie was pretty good, nice sauce and cheese, with a nice fluffy crust. The BBQ chicken Pie was out of this world good though. It was sweet and delicious, and looked and smelled phenomenal. Strongly recommend!

Matthew Ferrisi
September 16, 2020


Gail Gladstone
November 08, 2020

I am one of the people who works at the elections. We have to arrive at 5 AM and we’re generally not out of there till after 10 PM with very little break time. The owner of this pizzeria did the most amazing thing during the presidential election, they supplied about 20 pizzas for us as a courtesy. I must say that I am not a fan of pizza and haven’t eaten Pizza in years. The one that looked the most interesting was the vegetable pizza and after one bite, I was totally blown away. In all my 75 years, I don’t remember ever having a slice of pizza as delicious as this. I am looking forward to actually ordering pizza as a meal from them in the future. If you have an opportunity to go by their pizzeria, Order the vegetarian and tell them thank you so much for the wonderful gift and the consideration for the people working this election.

October 22, 2020

Had my first experience today with this place after several recommendations I think after 5 years here we found our pizza place. The pizza was great nice and thin super crispy and pefectly crispy. I like my pizza more on the cheesy side than the saucy side and this pizza was super chessy not a lot of sauce. Garlic Knots were spot on too. Will be back again.

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