Hauppauge Palace Diner

525 Smithtown Bypass, Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA

About Hauppauge Palace Diner

4.3 / 5 from reviews

The Hauppauge Palace Diner was completely rebuilt and re-opened in 2003. It was Founded by Christos Gonias.
Christos Gonias loved the Diner/Restaurant and its community. Here at The Hauppauge Palace Diner our customers are family, That’s the way Chris ran his business and that’s the way we continue to run it.

We at the Hauppauge Palace Diner are very conscious of the needs of our customers and try to meet them at all times.
Everything is as fresh as possible. Our portions are very generous so you will never leave The Hauppauge Palace Diner hungry.
This is how our business has been run for over thirty years and we pride ourselves upon these qualities.

Today The Hauppauge Palace Diner is still family owned and operated by Chris’s Family and will continue to carry on Chris’s legacy of serving generous portions, quality food, exceptional service and always a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Our Address
525 Smithtown Bypass, Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA

April 24, 2021

I went here on a date, and we had a good enough time. The food offerings are pretty diverse, featuring a I believe 10 page menu of multiple genres of food, including Greek. The prices are reasonable enough for Long Island, and you can find foods from cheap to relatively expensive. The portion sizes were more than we expected, and we ended up taking food home. Dessert offerings seemed nice and pretty large, featuring a multitude of cakes, but we didn't try any. We felt a little dissatisfied with some of the service. It felt like it took a while before we would see our server, and he was not there often enough for some of the questions we had. It seemed like the place was pretty busy at the time, so they may have been unusually short staffed that night. The location itself is nice, and the restaurant seemed clean and well maintained. I enjoy old fashioned diner styles, and this place offers that. Update: Coming here another time the service was very good and the food was better. The lunch special prices are incredibly good given this region.

Joann Perillo
September 19, 2020

We had breakfast there. It was a typical diner.

Robert Friedrich
May 07, 2021

My family and I have been going to this diner for awhile now and every time we go, the staff is very friendly and very accommodating. The service is excellent and the waitresses are extremely friendly. The owners always greet us when we first come in and when we leave, they always let my son have a lollipop. They come over to our table and chat with us for a little bit and they even let us joke around with them. The food is amazing as well as their desserts. I thoroughly recommend this diner to anyone who wants to have great food and a very friendly experience

Mark K
July 16, 2021

I like this diner. The diners in my area that I've been to are great. Have been to two events there and they did not disappoint. Food was exceptional and I just finished the leftovers from last night, it was even great cold. I'll be back 😋

Kathleen Sambuco
July 17, 2021

We meet for breakfast once a month to talk laugh and have breakfast. The place look is old seems not as clean and the food is not great we ordered eggs and my friend ordered little cheese. It was packed mostly cheese. How do you destroy eggs. Toast cold barely toasted. The waitress was not a happy person and made that clear. Fortunately we have many places to chose from and we will. Sorry I always try to find the positive.

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