6005 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY 11725, USA

About Jackson’s

4.1 / 5 from reviews

You know how sometimes you're really hungry, and everyone in the family is sitting around the house, trying to decide where to go, and you're all like "Gosh there's just nowhere to go around here to just get some really delish food" and you all twiddle your thumbs until it's too late and you end up settling, and unsatisfied, and cruising the fridge at midnight to fill that void in your heart/stomach?
That's where Jackson's comes in.
Jackson's has been settling the "What's for dinner?" debate since 2006, providing Long Islanders with a relaxed, fun atmosphere for eating and drinking.
Some people (my dad) call us a "regular American place."
And other people (me) call us "a gastropub."
And some people (one our favorite customers, Jordan) call us "the place where I keep my spare house key."
Whichever way you slice it, Jackson's So grab a seat, a beer, a burger... and welcome to the family!

what’s a gastropub, anyway?

food that pairs well with craft beerOur definition: Unpretentious American and small batch spirits.

The word gastropub was coined in the 1990s in London, derived from the French word “gastronomique,” which means the study of food, and the British term for a public house, or “pub.” A gastropub specializes in high quality food, several steps above the usual “pub grub.” A gastropub is pretty much an anti-restaurant – some of the best food in town without the formal, stuffy atmosphere.

Isabella Bartol
August 03, 2021

This restaurant would be your typical bbq style food. Great appetizer options and large selection of drinks! Reserve in advance especially on a weekend because they do fill up quickly and you'll end up waiting if you don't have a backup restaurant.

Theresa Forte
July 19, 2021

Staff was great for a private party we had there. They were friendly and attentive. There was a nice menu assortment for guests to choose from, and they were very flexible with requests.

Phil&Barbara Pollina
September 03, 2021

good food and service. fantastic craft beer selection.

Matt Bloom
July 03, 2021

I'm sad to say that the quality of the food here has declined steadily over the years. I ordered a BBQ sandwich for dinner with Mac and Cheese to go, and upon opening it was met with a lukewarm meal, soggy bread and undercooked macaroni. Service when I've visited the restaurant has always been commendable, but the food is never anything to write home about. Sadly, the ingredients don't taste fresh or home made any longer.

August 31, 2021

$25 for a steak sandwich alone that was at least $10 overpriced for the size. Fries came with no cover and were cold.

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