1147 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY 11725, USA

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Take a look at the incredible variety of authentic Italian dishes and exciting new creations you'll find at Mema's Little Italian Kitchen. Visit us any day of the week to dine in or call us for takeout or delivery!

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1147 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY 11725, USA

A Message From Jono, Owner of Mema’s Little Italian Kitchen

Hi, everyone! Mema’s Little Italian Kitchen is Commack’s newest premier pizzeria. I’m ecstatic to be back in town, sharing those “old traditions” that some of you may remember from years back. I’m also extremely excited to share some of my “new favorites” that you’ll never forget.

I’m a native Smithtownian who has lived here almost my entire life (I won’t tell you how long that is) and graduated from Smithtown East in ’92. Several years ago, I owned and operated two other well-known pizzerias in the area. I won’t mention which ones they were, but I’m sure most of you have at least heard of them. One of them still bears my name. I had a great time with those restaurants and developed the most loyal and awesome clientele. That chapter came to an end in 2010.
After dissolving my partnership in my second restaurant, I had to decide where I would seek out my next adventure. I chose East Meadow in Nassau County and have been there ever since. I am the owner and operator of an incredible pizzeria there called Mille Grazie!
Once again, I’ve been able to develop another loyal and amazing group of clients. I have amazing relationships with the staff at Nassau University Medical Center, the correction officers at Nassau County Jail (I was honored with the title of Businessman of the Year by the Columbia Association in 2011), and the students and faculty of East Meadow High School and other schools in the area. But, it’s always been my goal to start another location a little closer to home. This restaurant is about a minute and forty-second drive from my house. I think I can live with that!
I still live in Smithtown with my wife, JoAnn and our three kids, Alexis, Samantha, and Zach. You might recognize JoAnn from the neighborhood or from her ads in some of our local newspapers. She’s a local realtor with Signature Premier Properties.┬áLex just graduated from Smithtown West, and she’s off to Monmouth in the fall. It’s a bittersweet feeling to see her moving on.┬áSammy goes back to West in September to begin her senior year. She’s already being scouted by several schools for cross country. So, in about a year we’ll be losing her too. Hopefully, she doesn’t go too far!
Zach starts third grade at Accompsett El. I think he’ll feel it bad when both of his big sisters have left the nest. I hope the combination of school and his baseball schedule with the LI Junior Ducks keeps him more than occupied.
Last but certainly not least – Mema. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “who is Mema?” Mema is my mother in law, and that’s what my kids call her. Needless to say, I’m her favorite son in law. I am, however, her only son in law. So, depending on the day, I could also be her least favorite. Mema is an amazing cook and has been working in catering for longer than she’d care to share. Everything happens at Mema’s house. From intimate 100-person get-togethers to holiday dinners to anything in-between.
So that’s my story. I’m truly looking forward to seeing my old friends and making new ones here at Mema’s Little Italian Kitchen. I can’t wait to meet you and the people that are closest to you. You, your friends, and your family are always welcome here. Buona sera!
kraig doyle
May 29, 2021

Really Good Plain slice. Garlic knots need some work. A little dry and not enough garlic.

Jessica Dowling
July 21, 2020

Just recently came here for my first time, when they had a drive in movie. We had a food voucher that was included with the movie ticket so we ordered a few things and everything was delicious! The staff were all extremely friendly and helpful too. I've come back once since and was pleased then as well. Definitely recommend!!

Rebecca Schmaeling
November 26, 2020

Sicilian pizza was undercooked and had almost no sauce. Also had very little flavor. Soup was ice cold. Will not be returning

Daniel Kelly
July 19, 2020

We did our first drive in movie night there. They did a really nice job. Plenty of help and very organized. Food credit was a nice touch. Enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks it was good family time!

Andrew August
July 10, 2020

We went to the drive-in last night. The pizza at Mema's was really good. The huge issue that I had was that almost all of the workers were not wearing masks. From the person that took our tickets to the waiters serving our food they for some reason wouldn't just put their masks on. They either had it on their chins or in their hands. Wearing their masks would have made the experience 100% better as it is a great idea and enjoyable family experience.

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