Salsa Salsa of Smithtown

320 Maple Ave, Smithtown, NY 11787, USA

About Salsa Salsa of Smithtown

4.2 / 5 from reviews

We can’t stress enough to our customers what we are all about – FRESHNESS!
We hold the quality of our food to very high standards and all of this great dedication brings great food to our communities. We now have 3 locations in Port Jefferson, Smithtown and Bayport. Each location has a different atmosphere and style, but one thing in common – FRESH GREAT FOOD!!!

We don’t just provide Mexican cuisine, we cover the spectrum of Caribbean style dishes – basically anything you have ever thought would go well with Salsa, will be found at Salsa Salsa!We look forward to seeing you at any of our 3 locations.​

Our Address
320 Maple Ave, Smithtown, NY 11787, USA

Evil Queen Ramnarain
January 14, 2021

Always a great pit stop! Guac is fresh! My drink is always perfect! My taco is delicious My only request you need more heat/pepper options.

Angelina B
February 14, 2021

Love it here. Management is extremely friendly. Only salsa salsa I go to

Joe Grassi
December 30, 2020

Great restaurant with top notch service. Small in size but huge in selection. You can't go wrong bringing Family and Friends to this location.👍👍

Tim Fleming
December 22, 2020

Food is great and coconut margarita is my favorite. Take out is just as good as dining in. Tell Karen the owner Tim says hello.

Luciano Rosa
October 11, 2020

This was just a very sad experience for a first time trying. So the food was fresh and the portion was definitely generous on all the items we chose, but and a big BUT, the food was completely lackluster in terms of flavor. I tried picking the pieces of chicken and steak individually to make sure that they were not just being overpowered by the other components and tasting like that. NOPE, the most flavorless and uninspired pieces of meat I have had and honestly everything else just lacked flavor. I'm happy for a a decent portion for price, but I'm sorry, I could care less about how much you're giving me if I don't want to eat the meal. I rather eat a cardboard box that you made tasting like the best steak, than a box of steak that taste like cardboard

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