Spuntino St James

420 N Country Rd, St James, NY 11780, USA

About Spuntino St James

4.4 / 5 from reviews

For an authentic Italian dining experience in St. James, look no further than Spuntino. We are serving hearty, delicious Italian cuisine in a warm and friendly atmosphere that is perfect for date night, dinner with the family or lunch with co-workers. We are famous for our brick oven-style pizza, baked in our traditional wood-fired brick oven and topped with the finest ingredients available. With options like the classic Margherita and our signature Spuntino pizza, we have the perfect pie for you.

At Spuntino, brick oven pizza is only one of the many tasty items offered on our menu of Italian favorites. Choose from a variety of soups, salads, pasta, calzones and more, or opt for one of our chicken, steak, veal or seafood entrees. Everything we serve is made with care using high-quality ingredients, so stop by for a true taste of Italy soon!

Our Address
420 N Country Rd, St James, NY 11780, USA

Bilbo Baggens
December 14, 2020

Great food, I think their mozzarella sticks are some of the best I've had. Delivery is always very speedy and I never have an issue with the order being correct. Definitely recommend.

Shelly K
November 24, 2020

My friend ordered food for me as I’m home healing from surgery. She told me she left the tip too and to not worry about it. The person who delivered rolled her eyes at me the entire time and stormed off when I took the food. I didn’t think anything of it because who knows what’s going on in her world. Well, little did I know... 2 minutes later I get a call from someone who works at the restaurant... a man who asks if there’s an issue with his delivery people and went on to tell me that his delivery people know my address and don’t want to deliver here because I never tip. I happen to be an excellent tip giver as my parents were in the service industry for years. I explained that a friend had sent me food because I’m home healing to which he said it wasn’t this one occasion... that it’s happened multiple times. I asked when else I ordered to which he replied he’s not in front of his computer. Here he is accusing me of something without even having the receipts to prove it. He finally goes to his computer since I am not standing for this and let’s me know I ordered in February and October. I ordered 10 months ago and 1 month ago and they remember my not tipping? Which is absurd! It really doesn’t matter how many times I’ve ordered since it’s completely unprofessional and rude to call me about this. This was an opportunity to teach your staff about doing their job no matter what & respecting customers. Their behavior represents Spuntino! I am unsure why they believe I haven’t tipped but am so appalled that this even happened; I clearly will never order from this restaurant again. If anyone asks, I’ll make sure they know how poorly I was treated by their employees.

Ed Hurley
November 29, 2020

My family and I have been coming here for a few years. Unfortunately I have to say that the food has been on a steady decline. We did say the last time we were there that this would be the last, but we have it another shot last night. Last night the pizzitte was just okay plus they took away one of their best pies with sausage and potato. The Tai Calamari was just good at best and that was one of their best apparel I. Not sure what has happened but it's a shame.

Lili Hosca
November 24, 2020

The counter guy is so insanely rude, he practically threw my change, like he doesn’t even have the time to place it down on the counter. Pizza is ok but nothing special. Prices are too expensive for what you get which is low grade pizza, cheap sauce and cheese. There’s about a dozen better places in the area....

Arlene Ticano
September 15, 2020

Very nice lunch. I had the lunch special with soup and sandwich. Soup was delicious, homemade and sandwich was even tastier. All bread is made in house. First time here and will definitely return!

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